It was a Good Friday.

Good Friday, a bit overcast but four of us set out from Great Ayton on a ride to get a distance of over a hundred miles done at a steady pace and some cafe stops in as well.

It was an easy ride to Richmond going by Weary bank, Kirklevington, through the lanes to Brompton. Richmond was reached and our first cafe stop was taken, nice coffee, a flapjack, and a bit of a chat.

The weather didn’t look to good as we set off in the direction of Leyburn and light showers and sunny outbreaks followed us all the way on our fast descent into Leyburn and out again to Middleham.

The headwind now started to make it’s precence felt as we plodded along Coverham Lane heading to the big climb up Cam Gill. It was here on this climb that I succumbed to the school boy error of not feeding, and ground to a halt as Roy and John kept winching themselves up the bank, disapearing over the rise ( but not the top ! )

I wasn’t that far behind, then it was the fast drop into Kettlewell, a quick stop in the village shop for a lucozade and a banana that I had brought then it was off again heading for uphill ! Buckden, Park Lane and Kidstone, the descent making all that climbing worthwhile.

It was now onto Aysgarth and a well earned cafe stop by the river for a pot of tea and a pork pie for me, Roy having a full blown ploughman’s lunch, John making do with toast and jam.

Bottles filled, we set off again up out of Aysgarth, always up, heading for another hill along the road at Redmire. Quick left turn into Redmire and we were at the bottom of another climb. This time, fully re-charged and at a steady pace with the headwind long gone, I tapped  away to the top and waited ! Then it was down again, flying into Grinton and onto Richmond following the Swale.

Richmond again and a different cafe, pot of tea ( thanks Roy ) and a carrot cake. My legs at this point were all for shutting down and going to bed but we had another 30 odd miles to do, so there was no sleep till Teesside ( apologies to Motorhead !! )

Roy had a different route home so it was out of Richmond and heading for Scotch Corner. Roy jumped a car at the speed bumps and we didn’t catch him until the next hill came up !

Scotch Corner was navigated without heading onto the A1, then onto Middleton Tyas, Croft, Neasham and Middleton One Row, heading into the lanes. Two vultures circled overhead but on closer inspection they turned out to be Buzzards eyeing up Roy in his nakedness !

Aisleby turnoff was where we left Roy as he didn’t fancy the massive climb up Leaven Bank, so it was now down to two, tapping all the way into proper Teesside.

And that was that, over 130 miles for me, a bit more for Roy and John but a great ride out at the sort of miles required to do the LeJog. Thanks John and Roy for a great day out and Martin for the company to Leyburn and all the other road users who were on the most part excellent and patient on the banks and roadworks !

Calories used according to Strava was about 4500, which is a guide for our trip per day.


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