100 mile ride out over the hills and far away

Well the weekend comes and the sun goes in ! Another eight o’clock meet at Great Ayton John, Roy and me just the three of us this time.

So on a bit of a depressing morning we set off with the joy of being given the route today that will start off by climbing Gribdale gate and the road to Kildale, cheers Roy.

No sooner had we finished the rude awakening, we were again going up but this time whenever we went up we went into cloud and Roy kept having to ring out his sponge like gloves ! The most noticeable aspect of the roads was the almost total absence of traffic, one tanker and one car passed us, so it was, that we did the ride to Blakey Ridge strung across the road like a group of F@#king cyclists. Hard core.

We were not looking forward to Blakey Ridge but we had not counted for the wind to be on our backs and we flew right along to the turn off for Gillamoor. The sun came out and we were soon climbing and climbing

then zooming down into Kirkbymoorside popping out onto the Helmsley Road behind, what turned out to be, a vintage tractor meet. How ironic that the road should be blocked, not by three a breast cyclists, but tractors taking up the same space in a line about twenty long. Oh how we laughed !

100 miler Tractors

Eventually we reached Helmsley by a circuitous route ( just to add some miles !! ) and had a pot of tea in a cafe to posh for us but we went with it anyway. Out, up the bank out of Helmsley to Reivaulx and up another hill to Scawton and onwards to Sutton Bank.

100 milerRoynJohn

Sutton Bank was a fast descent but at least it was dry and not a lot of cars about, unless they were all queued behind me ! Thirsk and Northallerton came and went and just when we thought the traffic was unbelievably good, along comes a knob in a hot hatch with his horn in his hand .

Feeling the terrain and miles in our legs, things slowed down a bit and the run into Osmotherley was a bit disjointed but we all got back together and with the promise of a stop at the Rusty bike in Swainby the miles were soon eaten up and we had another couple of teas and some cakes ( lemon drizzle )

That just left the sprint home but it was actually a hard grind and with the prospect of me arriving home at 99miles drastic action was required so a the full length of Gunnergate Lane was done and the odometer ticked over to 101.

Job done.


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