Invalids day out to the seaside

I will start at the beginning !

Looking out of the window, I was not looking forward to this ride. Eight o’clock start at Great Ayton, so 07.40 from home and the weather was looking a bit grim to say the least. BBC said the rain would disappear  so with my jacket on, it was time to hit the road.

At Ayton Mick and Roy where the only brave souls  and they had both done a ton the day before, most of which was into a strong head wind. Jacket stuffed into my rear pocket and it was off we go. First obstacle, Ingleby Bank which was dispatched with a pb but the highlight was the dear in front of me, don’t think Roy and Mick saw/appreciated the majestic beast.

With that out of the way it was the trek down Baysdale and our encounter with the next obsticle, Newgate Bank, which was again dispatched with a pb, yay.

We had to stop at Helmsley for Mick to get rid of something then after a ten minute wait for the cafe to open we had a nice pot of tea in the morning sunshine and blue skies.

Mick was grumbling something about his knee ! and to be fair he had done a big ride yesterday. We pushed on through Sproxton heading for Malton for a bite to eat. Malton is the Yorkshire capital of food, and Mick and Roy did it service with a full English,  I had beans on toast.

Mick’s knee was playing up so he didn’t apreciate the big hill between Malton and West Lutton but the long descent was quite good but with the knowledge that we would have to do this in reverse !

We pushed on to Bridlington but the several small hills did Mick’s knee no favours. Stopped in Bridgend and had chip butties and fish butty. 

Time was getting on and Mick was on the painkillers, not good but needs must. Retracing our route all the way over lumpy roads and Mick was suffering. We hit the long drag up wolds road and high street where, we decided to stop. Roy was having foot problems and decided to take his shoes off for a bit, Mick just laid down with his knee !

We got into a deserted Malton and decided to have refreshments where the bar staff where amazed at the milage and Roy naked man skin suit.

There wasn’t much talking now as time was against us so with Mick spinning a high cadence, we stopped again at Helmsley. Drink, drugs and food where taken and we headed out of Helmsley. Again Mick took up the rear and looked worse for wear or he might just have been out of it !

After what seemed a lifetime we where eventually heading for Ayton where I left them to get Roy’s car. Then as I was almost home, disaster,  with the light falling I decided to take the cycle path. Big mistake as I miss judged the ramp and clipped the kerb. Left side all grazed,  knee bashed and head bounced of tarmac. Bit of double vision and possible concussion, I was picked up by the boys in blue. A good 4 hours in A and E, great. 

All in all was a great day in the saddle, not soo good out of it !


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