Day four

Cities rough tracks and falling down

Burton upon Trent was hot in the morning so it was a generous application of suntan cream . 

So with the promise of more hills we set off out of town heading for cities. With it being Monday and school start, all the mothers were chearing us on because of the suits, double takes and shrieks of the grandma’s and scaring of horses and then it was out of town .

Man down, Roy turned too sharp straight into the back wheel and leg of John, Roy hit the deck with some hilarity and John carried on !

Rolling roads, a bit of fast road and Derby was entered by the backdoor, oh er missus.  Through Derby and out via the cycle paths and flood plains we headed out and up, again for our first stop and much needed water.

Rother valley park was interesting in that it was quite nice but the cycle path route turned in a challenging, one guy punctured on what was a good mtb track.

We eventually picked up a road that lead us back on route and towards Doncaster we headed. Doncaster was a disaster with the route being lost, changed then up and down dual carriage ways we went on a hunt for our exit eventually we walked across a roundabout and onto the A19 with cars allowing us through. 

Off we went staying on the A19 at a good rate of knots but Selby just didn’t seem to get any closer.

The planned meet up with the van was missed so Selby town centre was chosen and after enquiring with the locals, the local Sainsburies was discovered. 

A quick shop bought milk, mango and orange, bread,chicken pieces, salad, bananas, coke and a trifle.

At the van , milk was downed followed by the trifle and it was needed! Everyone else filled up with calories and after a  quick shoot at each other, we agreed to set off on the A39 not leaving it till we found the front door of our digs 

Shower, kit wash,  food a couple of drinks and bed.

What a day



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