Day Three

All Bristol and shipping shape

The escape from the city was a breeze and a pleasure, with very good cycle paths out into the countryside. Well done Bristol.

Today would be flat but rolling, plenty of roads ramping up but nothing to challenge Cornwall.

Riding the main roads we got sorted out into pairs and really bossed it, stopping the cars from passing to close especially at the pinch points. We still had some lanes to ride and one looked very much like a bridal way with its absence of tarmac, hardcore or even a level, rock free mud free surface. We traversed the obsticle with only one casualty and he will get over it.

The day was very hot and water stops were required more often as we made good progress but still looked like another late arrival.

Off the front went Roy and Mick to hoover up the points with a county sign, only to miss a district sign metres along which I gladly bagged !

Major incident today was a snapped chain at the most inopertune moment, halfway up a bank with heavy traffic. Roy fitted a split link and back on in no time and we were off again, rolling the hills up.

Villages came and went, small hills came and went and Burton  got closer and closer but seemed so far. Eventually we hit the town and found the travel lodge and our beds, but first, food, proper food. Just managed to get into a chicken place  (not nandos) and half a chicken chips wings and strips were eaten. Some liquid replenishing at the hotel bar and bed.


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