Day Two

More hills

A misty morning soon burnt away to reveal a sunny day that would be warm all day as we made progress  to the fun city of Bristol, today’s destination.

First things first was an excellent cooked breakfast from the cook at the Duke of York , Iddesleigh,  who came into work an early just for our crew of Scroats.

Fully fed, it was now the bikes that needed attention, Roy’s gears adjusted and mine needing setting up on the borrowed wheel.

Off we set,  down the lanes which were a road in name only, the grass growing in the middle made Caper Hill look like a motorway.

A couple of stops and I found out why my bike sounded like a canary, the back wheel was not centered and was rubbing on the frame. Sorted we heased out into an easy rolling countryside with a couple of big hills on the way to our stop at Tavistock where a lively discussion was had on who crossed the actually boundary marker first !

On the halt at Tavistock lots of two beeps and attention was given whilst we sat around resting and fueling. Off we went up and down and Roy and Mick Gettings hunting for county and district boundaries.

Towns and villages came and went, small lanes came and went and the miles were eaten up then huge banks were met as the road reared up and the traffic backed up on the climbs, hats off to the drivers of England, as in the main they were patient on another hot day but you don’t get to have nine naked men in front everyday slowly climbing in front of you.

We escaped the main road into a lane that turned into a rough track that turned into a field between two hedges, that turned into the main road again we had just left ! On we went entertaining most car drivers as we blocked their journeys home  before once again escaping to quieter roads and what turned out to be a killer climb.

I can’t remember the name just now  but it was a turn into a back lane that just went up and on and on , with a gradient that would put Chimney Bank to shame, then just when you thought you could climb any longer and there is the junction and relief, it turned out onto a road and went up again so it was, keep turning the pedals keep going it will ease off eventually but it went on and on then opened out into light and an easier gradient and then the top. 

With that out the way it was down hill at a rate of knots but with encouragement in the form of, the next hill is a killer and it is just round that bend. Indeed it was but as a main road (for here ) it had a slightly better gradient but still required us to dig in, stop talking and concentrate on just turning the cranks and hauling ourselves to the top.

We then dropped down into Bristol and all the nightlife and parties in the industrial estate as you do. Digs found luggage bikes and rooms sorted, showered and changed and a hunt for some real food but Dominoes Pizzas had to do !


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